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Reside Residency, publication 2017

'But on closer inspection the snake had gone, eased itself out, neatly shed the skin, and moved on; leaving behind this translucent doppelganger, a ghostlike facsimile of every scale'...

Ten short texts with digital images, etchings, and stone lithographs, Japanese stab binding. Edition of 15 variable copies.


 Invited residency at the Guanlan Original Printmaking Base, China, 2016
Guanlan series, hand finished stone lithograph, detail.
 P2P Contemporary Print, Leicester Print Workshop, November 2016-January 2017
Fourteen hand finished stone lithographs with letterpress text in a Coptic bound book.
 'thrumb' detail.
Reside Residency January - June 2016
'As dusk slipped into night and daylight loosened its hold, the first tentative sounds were released; something to test the air, a few notes of a familiar melody he'd sung before.  And then the concert began.  No longer drifting towards sleep, I was help captive by this nocturnal musician's effortless fugue.  Maybe it was only for some minutes, or it could have been for an hour that this seemingly endless improvisation played out into the night.'
Iconostasis 1, polyptych stone lithograph

 Hodegetria series drawing, graphite and gesso on paper
Practical Dialogue touring exhibition; Attenborough Arts Leicester, Milton Keynes Gallery Project Space, Alfred East Gallery, Kettering, 2013/14
  Hodegetria 2, diptych stone lithograph
 Labyrinth 4, drawn lithographic stones, 2014
Labyrinth, leparello book work
Akram Khan: One Side to the Other, The Lowry Salford, 2014/15
Psalter 2, diptych stone lithograph
Pastoral, solo exhibition, West Yorkshire Print Workshop, 2013
 Pastoral 1, stone lithograph
Bite: Artists Making Prints 2012; Nottingham Castle Open 2011
Exegesis 4 and 5, stone lithographs
 Observation Point drawing, 2010













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