Serena Smith


Amongst this collection are jackets of bark, loosened and peeled from rotting trunks left to lie. On the underside of these flayed strips highways of woodworm furrows are etched into the bast. Close up the outer surfaces scarred and callused, depict traces of microclimate and the attentive labour of human hands. Their decay halted temporarily by my curiosity  I consider these shards of wood. The iterative patterns of growth determined by genus, the history worn in each crevice and crease, and the small round holes signalling the flight paths of previous inhabitants. Distinctly round, these holes the size of pin heads pepper the bark’s surface. Each one puncturing the wrinkled membrane like a radiographer’s tattoo.

Ekphrasis bookwork
hand coloured stone lithographs with bronzed text printed on translucent paper
closed dimensions 70 x 46 x 2 cms

'Ekphrasis: inscriptions on wood and stone' 
published in IMPACT Printmaking Journal. Issue 1. (Spring 2020) 

'Out of the Woods: Nick Mobbs and Serena Smith'
at Leicester Print Workshop 2019-20

Ekphrasis 7

Ekphrasis 1

Ekphrasis 3

Ekphrasis 2

Ekphrasis 4

Ekphrasis 5

Ekphrasis 6

Ekphrasis 8

Ekphrasis 9