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Exploring the generative intersection between stone lithography and language, Serena Smith's ongoing research focuses on two processes of inscription: the making of stone lithographs and the practice of writing. She is particularly interested in the way that material and virtual environments, and the structures of technology and communication, simultaneously present limiting constraints, and a provisional scaffolding through which new ideas and forms can be generated. The project is supervised at Loughborough University by Prof. Marsha Meskimmon and Dr. Deborah Harty.

Drawn to Time
Drawing Research Network, Loughborough University

Uncertain Knowledge(s) 
Material Encounters Summer Colloquium, 7th July 9.30-4pm online via zoom

'On Stone' 
Inscription: the Journal of Material Text - Theory, Practice, History. September 2020

'Ekphrasis: inscriptions on wood and stone' 
IMPACT Printmaking Journal. Issue 1. Spring 2020

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